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APIDEA is a non-profit association interested in the development of information about beekeeping traditions.

Over the last 20 years we have acquired a unique collection of beehives and material from over 30 countries, ranging from modern to most traditional ones. Our aim is to increase our collection and to use it to spread knowledge about beekeeping and its traditions.


our activities include:

                                 One of the best collection in the world: more than a 100 beehives and various beekeeper's devices and apparatus are exhibited each year to emphasise the variety of materials and shapes used around the world and at different periods.                                  We can organise specific-theme (historical, geographical, materials, traditions) or general purpose exhibitions. For example, we have been prod to present an exclusive beehive exhibition at the last APIMONDIA international exhibition in Montpellier, France (september 2009).                                  We organise free theoretical and practical training sessions in Dieulefit (Drôme Provencale).                                  We look for partners to exchange and deal traditional beekeeping material and beehives. This page mentions what we are currently looking for and what we have available for exchange.                                  This page shows a few comments made in the press about our exhibitions.                                  This page proposes various links about beekeeping traditions. If you are aware of relevant website, please send them to us and we shall include them in the list.

OUR PHOTOGRAPHIC WEBSITE : http://www.redbubble.com/people/apidea

where you can order post-cards and prints.


Location: the Town Dieulefit is in the north of Provence (Drôme Provensale). The annual exhibition is located a few kilometres away, in Comps. About half way between Lyon and Marseille, Dieulefit is located about 25 km east from Montélimar.


For any inquiry, please contact: apidea.rossetti@laposte.net